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The Search for Raven Cliff Falls

We take you on an Epic Quest for Raven Cliff Falls. Astute readers will notice that this search has happened before, and ended in failure.


May is the month of festivals. Greek, Scottish, you name it.


Mother’s Day is done week-end style this year, complete with Shelley’s favorite activities.

London Adventures Continued

The further adventures of two American ladies in London.

(310) 528-3889

Toronto. Ostensibly I was there on business, but secretly my main motivation was to hang out with the peeps!


Taran ends his first year of high school with a bang!

The Importance of Being Earnest – A Review

The Importance of Being Earnest is an hilarious play by Oscar Wilde, performed during our first attendance at the Asheville Shakespeare Festival. Was it a dud?

The Avengers Infinity War – A Review

Our thoughts on the latest Marvel movie.

The Winter’s Tale – A Review

A notoriously bad theater troupe. A weird Shakespeare play. What could go right? The answer might surprise you.

Cultural Corner

This month’s Culture Corner is a historical fiction written by Taran for a history honors project. Enjoy!

Odds & Ends

The part of the edition where we fit the things that don’t fit anywhere else.


A brief explanation of Vision Guidance in robotics, and how it can make our gardens green and our societies better.

Of the Month

See what’s new in this month’s edition of the popular “Of the Month” segment.


I’m soliciting opinions before I take the plunge: Yeah or Nay?

Music of the Month – Piano

This month I found and was playing around with the organ sounds on my handy-dandy music software app, GarageBand, when I had the brilliant idea to do the most famous of organ songs: J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (shortened, of course).  What you are about to hear is not just one organ [...]

Music of the Month – Guitar

The guitar music of the month this month is an excerpt from Holy Wars… The Punishment Due by Megadeth.

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